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Rental Program

      Take a look at our monthly rental rates!  

        Violins - $17 per/month + $6 maintenance

                    12”- 14” Violas - $17 per/month + $6 maintenance

                   15”- 16” Violas - $26 per/month + $6 maintenance

      ‘Cellos - $31 per/month + $8 maintenance

        Basses - $67 per/month + $9 maintenance

(For more advanced students, we have a complete step up rental program. Please contact us for details.)


Key Points about our Rental Program:

  •   Village Violins only deals in string instruments, providing superior service to you at a lower cost.
  • We only lease the finest European student instruments and provide off-site professional repair, restoration and bow re-hair services.
  • Our low cost maintenance policy is all inclusive, protecting you from any out of pocket expense.
  • We provide a replacement instrument if your rental is in need of off site repair.



Our equity program is second to none! 100% of your rental payment applies to the purchase of a new or used step up instrument. No cap and no time limit.


We also have Intermediate and Step-up rental programs available for all instruments. This allows the student to play on better quality instruments and still keep all the advantages of the rental and equity programs. Ask for more details.

Call us to schedule an appointment

(205) 413-1263

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